17 November at 18:46 from atlas

    Hi Ian - once again we wish to thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done in building our studio and garage over the last five months.  We have been so impressed with your great knowledge both in the details of the work as well as in the broader scale challenges and you inspired great confidence at all times during the program as you had the ability and responsiveness  to solve any issues that arose promptly and effectively , whether they were to do with Council or with the plans as well as with all issues arising during construction. We congratulate you on organising and leading a team, without exception, of highly skilled sub-contractors who in every respect maintained the highest quality standard of work that you requested of them.  Special mention must go to your chief carpenter Tim who did a great deal of the structural building and the fine detailing and we appreciate the care and pride that he takes in his work and the great standard he has achieved on our job.

    All the very best and once again thanks so much for your fantastic work.
    Kind regards,
    Terry and Jenny Davis


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